Life on Hard Mode

Where to begin.

I’ve wanted to blog for years, but a part of me always thought, “who cares? Who would want to read whatever I have to say?”

Then I realized, maybe others like me would.

I always feel like I’m on an island, and I’m sure many of you do, too. Having three neurodivergent kids and being neurodivergent myself, life is hard. My husband – neurodivergent, too – likes to say we’ve always lived life on hard mode. It’s just our lot in life.

From losing our first children to burying my mom last year, life has been hard. Life has thrown a lot of crap at us. Then finding out we are all autistic and have ADHD just made things that much more challenging.

That being said, lots of good has happened, too.

We have our three healthy, goofy kids, a loving marriage, and my novel was picked up by a publisher. For all the bad, I need to remind myself of the good.

But when you’re deep into the bad, it’s hard to find the sliver of good.

So, still. I’m sitting here wondering, where do I begin. Do I begin at the beginning? Do I begin at the end? Or the beginning of my introspective journey?

I suppose that’s what this blog will explore. That’s what I’ll try and figure out here as I babble on.

Though life may be on “hard mode,” I’m grateful to finally have learned that I’m not actually lazy or stupid or useless. My brain just works differently. And that’s amazing.

I believe we need to notice the awesomeness that is neurodivergence while also acknowledging the associated challenges. It’s okay to say you’re disabled and that things are harder for you than others, while also noticing that you wouldn’t be you if not for all of that.

All our challenges, all our ups, all our downs. That’s what define us.

So, join me as I discover myself, advocate for my kids (and myself), and become a (successful!) published author.


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