I missed writing a post the other day. Nothing is really happening here. And I don’t want to just bitch and complain, despite how it may seem!

But here I am. Still alone with the kids. It’s honestly been nice, even with the insanity.

I find myself wondering what it would be like if my kids were neurotypical. Would I not have to pick my daughter up early for not listening at school? Would I not worry about taking them places and then just stay home like I do?

Anyway, that old saying, “the days are long, but the years are short” still rings true at their ages. Our oldest will be ten in less than two weeks! I still feel like I was just pregnant with her. But that was a DECADE ago.

Time is a funny thing. It drags on and feels inevitable. What are we all marching toward, though?

It’s still surreal that my mom passed away over one year ago. After she passed, time was slow. It felt like it crawled along, like making it to the next day was an arduous task.

Yet here we are and time marched on. Time kept going, even though she wasn’t here anymore. My kids still turned eight and nine, and now one will turn ten, too. And she isn’t here.

This whole post is an example of ADHD in action. I went from thought to thought and they seemed to link, but looking back they really don’t.

I think that’s just where my mind is nowadays. Literally all over the place. I have one thought going while another one creeps in and slowly takes over.

In the end, what I really feel after writing all this is that my life has been blessed, but also harder than it needed to be. And all I can hope is the future is brighter.

So, on this Thanksgiving weekend, I suppose I’ll just be thankful for what I do have and know things can’t get worse and they will get better. Raising my children to be great little people is a stressful full-time job and my book will still come out next year (eek!), so I have a lot to look forward to and be grateful for.

And all of you amazing readers. I’m excited you’re all on this journey with me.


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