Weekend of Chaos

Well, to say this weekend was busy is definitely an understatement.

Back-to-back hockey and ringette yesterday morning. Then another ringette game a few hours later. All were, of course, not in town either. So travelling was fun, too.

Then another ringette game this morning. At 7:45am. And a Sukkot gathering in the afternoon.

So yeah, exhausting.

But super fun! The kids had a blast and all played well. It was nice meeting new and old parents. So good times.

But still, so tiring.

The things we do for our kids, though, even if they bitch and moan about waking up before the sun rises.

Weekends really aren’t a time to unwind. It’s more chaotic than our weekdays, which are pretty chaotic.

So, I’m sorry for not posting in days. I haven’t written anything, and it’s felt very strange. I need to flex my writing muscle much more than I have lately.

Clearly I’m braindead and not super motivated, hence this…weird post. But hey, it’s something!


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