Family Time

My dad has been visiting since Wednesday. Hence the radio silence over here.

Family time is important to us. But it’s also so tiring. It’s hard to find time for other things when family is the main focus.

It was great seeing my dad. Since we moved four hours away, it’s been hard. And since my mom passed, it’s been even tougher. So the time we do get to see each other in person is so special.

Like I said though, all that in-person awesome time is exhausting, so when I finally got some downtime, I did pretty much nothing. Not even writing. Barely even reading.

Mindless game playing and TV watching were where it was at for me. Turning my brain off helped me unwind.

So the picture I shared here was pretty much a good reflection of the craziness that is our life. My mother-in-law made an amazing dinner (roast and dumplings? Yes, please!) and my oldest, of course, drank her fancy organic milk, which created her beautiful little milk moustache. That she then had to pretend to curl. Because why not?

Life is too short to not make time for each other. I’m hoping to be back here more regularly now that life is back to normal, as much as possible at least.

Hopefully, getting back to my writing will help ease my mind. Today has been a weird roller coaster of emotions, for some reason. I’m hoping writing will get me centred. And maybe back to normal.


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