Before I can get my big second edit back on my novel, I’ve been asked to write a timeline of all the big events. This has forced me to really sit down and think about everything that’s happened, from the first Malek (ruler) to when the dragons were exterminated to the adventures happening in this book.

I didn’t realize how much stuff I wrote about until I had to actually find all these details.

Upon beginning my research, I noticed that there may have been too many inconsistencies… I guess that’s what happens when you write and rewrite a novel approximately a million times.

I’m grateful my amazing project manager caught all of these. Without her I know I would’ve missed them. When you’re the author, you forget not everyone just knows what happened when. And I guess that’s kind of important to note.

It’s probably good for me to have everything written down, too. With all the edits and various storylines, there’s a lot to keep track of.

This is why I love spec fic (fantasy specifically): you get to create new, unique worlds. I didn’t really count on the hard part being keeping track of everything that’s happened in said new, unique world. But I can’t say I’m surprised.

So, that’s where I’m at with my novel. I’m so excited to get to share bits of it with you all in the coming months up to release!


2 responses to “Timeline”

  1. I feel your pain! I’m running into the same problem with consistency and remembering all the details. I read a published book the other day and me & my editing brain found an error in this book. It was published by one of the big houses too! The error was minor detail, but I understand how it happened in the editing phase.


    1. Exactly! There are so many little things to keep track of, it’s easy to miss something.

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