Standing here, waiting for our oldest’s first hockey practice to start. It’s already been a pretty positive experience so I’m hopeful it goes well!

I don’t really know what to talk about today though. Nothing exciting has been happening.

Oh wait.

Halloween was Monday.

Okay, that was pretty awesome. It was also my hubby’s and my 19th dating anniversary, which is crazy to think about. Been with him half my life so far.

Halloween wasn’t going to be really big this year. The kids’ costumes were pretty basic, but they had a blast.

We even got to go out with a bunch of friends last minute. It helps having those positive moments, especially when our son is having such a hard time missing my mom lately.

He’s such a sweet, sensitive little guy, who feels more deeply than anyone I know. While trick-or-treating, he made sure to thank everyone so they knew how much he appreciated the treats. He’s always wanting those around him to feel good about themselves and to be happy, even if he struggles with both.

So, even though life has been kind of boring lately, I suppose that’s a good thing. More often than not things here are insane, so I’m grateful when life gets slightly easier, even for just a little while.

I have to add, though, exciting things are definitely on the horizon!


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