Life. Life is nuts.

Things are super stressful right now. Like, crazy stressful.

To take my mind off things, I’m binge watching Bones. Again. And binged the “Flanaverse” shows. While editing my novel.

Ahh my novel. That beast that nags at me. wanting me to fix it. Wanting me to perfect it.

Wanting me to get it out into the world. Where I can make a living off of it. Be a “real” published author.

But I have this lingering cough or sore throat thing, and I’m run down, making it hard to really find the motivation to get ‘er done. Than add the stress of life and kids to the mix and some days it’s just too much.

So I’ll try and get back in the groove. Post here about my super exciting life more. Maybe it’ll make me feel a bit better, who knows.

Either way, thanks for sticking around!


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