Not Enough Time

You know those days where you have your one appointment so doing other stuff is just more exhausting?

Well, that was me today. Dentist at 10am messed up the rest of my day.

Because after, I had to get groceries. Then I got home and had to make myself lunch. Then I had a bit of downtime to eat, then had to make/prep dinner for tonight because we have hockey/Hebrew school until dinner time .

So yeah. I’m tired. And even though I did all that, I didn’t get any writing done. There is too much I want or need to do in one day and just not neatly enough time.

I have laundry to still get put away, too. That’s a never ending task, though. (Rights, moms?) Tomorrow my day will end up similar. Meeting for two hours in the morning, then… maybe laundry? Maybe writing? Neither? Both? Who knows.

All I know is I want to wake up in the morning and be alive to get a day started, period. That may sound morbid, and maybe it is, but it’s the truth. To have another day to be alive and do things with people I love is a blessing. Nothing is guaranteed, not even tomorrow.

So clearly it’s not a lofty goal, but one must wake up before one does anything else, after all.

Every day is a struggle. It’s even more frustrating when people don’t get it, or don’t appreciate the struggles day-to-day living present to those of us who are neurodivergent.

Things that are easy for neurotypicals are still a challenge for me. Just planning life is exhausting. Add to that managing three neurodivergent kiddos and a house and a budding writing career.

Some days it’s just too much. But all any of us can do is put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.


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