Living and Writing While Neurodivergent

If you feel like an outsider, you belong here. We can show the world that we are strong and capable, even if we’re a little different.

Welcome! I’m Shayna and I’m a Jewish neurodivergent author with three neurodivergent children. I’ve been through a lot and learned a lot and I’m here to share it all.

Check out my latest posts below!

  • Worst. Flu. Ever.

    So I realize I haven’t posted in a week. That’s pretty odd for me, even though I just started this blog. For those wondering, I have the flu. Probably the worst I’ve felt in a long time. And my son has it, too. So, I haven’t been writing. I’ve been just surviving, barely. I’ll return…

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  • Eleven Years

    Eleven years. Eleven years since I became a mom. Eleven years since I held my first babies. I first discovered I was pregnant in the summer of 2011. I hadn’t even realized until I took a test just to see. We were all elated. We were having my parents’ first grandbabies. But we didn’t find…

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  • Editing

    Well, I finally got my HUGE edit back from my awesome, dedicated, crazy detailed project manager at Wildling Press… aaaaand I’m freaking out. Excited, overwhelmed… all the emotions! It only took approximately seventy million months, but it’s here! I can’t wait to dive in to all of her suggestions. Even though it’s going to be…

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  • Halloween

    Standing here, waiting for our oldest’s first hockey practice to start. It’s already been a pretty positive experience so I’m hopeful it goes well! I don’t really know what to talk about today though. Nothing exciting has been happening. Oh wait. Halloween was Monday. Okay, that was pretty awesome. It was also my hubby’s and…

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