Living and Writing While Neurodivergent

If you feel like an outsider, you belong here. We can show the world that we are strong and capable, even if we’re a little different.

Welcome! I’m Shayna and I’m a Jewish neurodivergent author with three neurodivergent children. I’ve been through a lot and learned a lot and I’m here to share it all.

Check out my latest posts below!

  • Spoons

    Another day, another struggle. Seems like the story of my life lately. Maybe you’ve felt the same way? You wake up feeling positive and slightly refreshed. Then a wrench is thrown into your awesome feeling, and the day is ruined. Once that happens, the rest of the day is shot to hell and you’re in…

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  • Misunderstood

    One of the biggest issues around autism is the misunderstanding. Most neurotypicals just think autism means one thing, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Before I researched autism when my son was two, I was the same. I didn’t know what it was. It sounded scary. It sounded like it meant he was going…

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  • Life on Hard Mode

    Where to begin. I’ve wanted to blog for years, but a part of me always thought, “who cares? Who would want to read whatever I have to say?” Then I realized, maybe others like me would. I always feel like I’m on an island, and I’m sure many of you do, too. Having three neurodivergent…

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